It all began with love…

My name is Brittany Post, and I am one half of the duo that makes up Phoenix & Rose. My husband, Jordan, makes up the other half. Our business exists because the two of us fell in love, and I think that’s pretty incredible. Jordan and I met working together at a movie theater when we were teenagers. The first time I saw him is one of the most vivid memories in my mind, along with the births of our two children, Phoenix & Ezra. It absolutely was love at first sight. Our business name comes from our first child and my great-grandmother.

Photography and editing began as a hobby for me over a decade ago, when my mother would ask me to pose for countless photos. Soon that interest blossomed while watching Jordan work as a cinematographer. We realized that we loved working as a team taking photos for loved ones, and soon decided we wanted to pursue photography professionally. 

My favorite thing about photography can be summed when we were taking photos of our dear friends. A mother of two, she said, "Wow, it's so amazing to see ourselves through someone else's eyes. We look so beautiful and happy." Being a mother myself, I know the difficulties of seeing outside your bubble... House is a mess, kids have ketchup on their shirts, running out of dry shampoo and coffee every other day... It can be hard to find the beauty in it all for yourself. I love to show my clients what they've forgotten to really see: themselves. 

Our favorite thing to capture is outdoor weddings. We love ambient light, and using light to tell a story. We also LOVE love! Weddings are such an incredible blessing to be a part of, and we know how important your wedding is to you. We want to give you incredible images to look back on your day and see your authentic love for each other.

Jordan and I have been having so much fun on this journey together, working with so many amazing people of all ages for all different styles of shoots. We love to be challenged and we love new ideas! We are so passionate about capturing your life and your special moments into photographs to cherish forever. 

Please contact us at to tell us about YOU and how we can best serve you.